What We Do


Activities on offer include; team building games, cooking, arts and crafts, sports, homework club, discussions, confidence/trust games, board games, fundraising, chill out time and trips!

Opening Times

Every Wednesday
5:30 – 7:00pm (Ages 6 -11)
7:00- 8:30pm (Ages 12+)

Aims of the project

1. To promote the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and personal potential.
2. To engage the community as a whole, in the personal and social development of young people.
3. The promotion of young people in relation to Every Child Matters (ECM); Be healthy, stay safe, enjoy & achieve, make a positive contribution, and achieve economic well-being.
4. To create a learning environment for young people that is fun, challenging and rewarding.
5. To create an awareness of social issues.
6. To create an awareness of opportunity
7. To create awareness of diverse environments for young people by taking them out of their normal environment.


1. Provide a community based youth centre in Longhope.
2. Provide detached youth work sessions in Longhope.
3. Provide informal learning for young people through informal educational workshops aimed at the issues affecting the young people. We also invite partner agencies such as the local police and other appropriate bodies, who will assist in the delivery of informal educational opportunities.
4. The delivery of personal development opportunities through engaging young people in educational opportunities outside their normal living environment e.g. residential visits & other field trips.
5. Engage volunteers and parents in the planning and delivery of the service to young people.
6. Engage young people in the planning and delivery of services which leads to their empowerment and education.